Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall covet list.

My inspiration includes these from my style vita.

I saw a pair of metallic loafers in LYN (they've got some splendid shoes but their web interface really irks me big!), and I couldn't really sleep as well since then.  I'm thinking of a solid silver face - no embellishments, no sparkly sparkly, just pure clean surface with a metal finish.  Sheen so clear, you could see your own reflection kind.

Can't decide between that or this.

Loafers or pumps?  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ties for our best of men.

I love doing up presents.  And love giving them away.  We both decided to personalise our bestmen gifts instead of the usual one-tie-for-all and got these fantastic colours last weekend.  They work so well together without everyone looking too uniform-ish.  I would definitely like to have the guys maintain their individual personality instead of blending into the decor!

I have them packed into each individual box, complete with different personalisation.  We even handwritten a note to be attached to the gift.  It was a really nice and warm thing to do.  While reading Fiance's note and writing mine, I could feel this warm fuzzy feeling stirring in me.  These are his best friends and I really hope they would continue to be for the rest of their lives.  Cause real friends, I'm sure we all know, are really hard to come by.

Well, all packed and ready to surprise!  I hope they enjoy receiving it as much as I did packing them :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

In September, we should...

This is gonna be a busy busy month!  Wow, packed with activities even though it's still at the tail-end of August -__-

In September, we'll have to:

1) Discuss and finalise with the Chef on our wedding menu and the cake
2) Meet up with the jeweller to design both our wedding bands
3) Catch up with friends - wedding pre-party, wedding, baby full moon party, house warming session, WOW.  Typing that alone is enough to zap my energy!
4) Applying for our wedding registration

But to take a break from all those 'scheduled' activities, I think we should:

1) Try a Mango beer
2) Go for some 'forking awesome steak' at a DIY BBQ joint while jiving to some live music at Poodoo at where else but Pudu.
3) Reward ourselves with some fine cuts at Shin Hinata
4) Celebrate Mooncake festival with both families on the 19th.  Need to think of a great place!
5) Search out some awesome mooncake gifts for our parents and grandparents.  Am thinking of Cake Sense freshly baked Suzhou mooncake :)~

How do you celebrate Mooncake festival?

Let's march forward, Malaysia!

Today we took part in DiGi's #confirmmalaysian campaign.  And I say, we did pretty well as a team.  No rehearsal, immediate composition, 1, 2, 3 snap!

Yea, we're funny like that.  Fun, I mean.  Fun.

Happy Merdeka y'all!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For things that truly matter.

Today I spoke to a colleague who just got back from the hospital.  His grandma was admitted two weeks ago and very unfortunately had since suffered 3 strokes.  The poor old lady has already got a heart and diabetic problem.  My heart truly truly truly goes out to them.

So while he was trying to juggle between work and family, we've decided for him to handover some of his jobs to a team mate in order to release some of his time to be spent by his grandma's side.  Not to be pessimistic but, we have a feeling that she might not have much time left.  And I guess the most important thing for now, is to make her feel comfortable, happy and loved during her last days.  He practically grew up with his grandma therefore I can imagine the attachment and sadness.

Thanks to the few good men (and women) who were very willing to rise up to the occasion, our boy can now spend more time in the hospital.  Bless them.  These are times when money can't do anything for you.  But a whole lot of humanity, can.

And I sincerely hope that whatever happens, peace, love and joy will be upon his family.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Today I'm vintage.

Today I'm wearing my mom's costume jewellery.  To be honest with you, it could be real pearls for all I know and I had none an inkling idea.  But I don't think so.

I love how the little pearls twist and turn to make sense out of each other.  I remember my mom had this in her costume jewellery pouch when I was young.  And now and then, I would take them out to wear them and pretend I was all grown up.  Well, I'm all grown up now and wish I could tell my younger self, seriously, no hurry, enjoy school!  You'll regret it!  Lol.

Here I am, decorated with my mom's fashionable touch.  I wore it with my precious monogram necklace.  The pearl piece is precious because it was my mom's.  The A monogram is precious because it was an anniversary gift from him.  Two very precious people in my life, here they are dangling on my neck.  And they look so well together!  Ha! :)

What is your most memorable piece of costume jewellery?

Also, I'm thinking of a restoration project for all my costume jewellery and accessories.  Anyone has any pointer or advise on how I should start?  Or wanna do it together? :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My musical journey today starts with Debussy.

I've been thinking a lot about my very own musical journey. I wonder if everyone has one. You have music fans, band fans, popstar fans, genre fans. I wonder what different journey says about each person and how did they discover their adventure and how do their tales unfold.

I'm generally a music fan. Something about every note being put together in an entirely harmonious yet unexpected way that swings in different moods and emotions. But if I were to have a favourite genre, then classical would really be it. Sounds like I'm a classical girl lost in an urban jungle. Unfortunately, not many of my peers appreciate classical music, making the trip to the local Philharmonic a little challenging unless I go solo. Oh well, maybe that's my musical journey.  Some parts I dance with others, some parts I dance solo.

So what's your musical journey?  Tell me that tale.